flashtree 12V-110V AC / 15-160V DC 300W PWM Motor Speed Controller Regulator Board Motor Driver Governor Module for Fan Pump Blower Engraver


Brand: Walfront


  • Working Range --- ultra-high voltage scope, support 15-160VDC Input, support 12-110VAC input
  • Security Design --- No power supply polarity problems; equipped with a 5 amp fuse, no need to worry about circuitry burnout
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation Ability --- Comes with a large heat sink with mounting holes, which maintain the whole circuit work in a good condition for longer time and protect the electronic items from overheat
  • High Capacity --- suitable for a wide range of motors. It can be used to control most of the DC motor in the market
  • Good Performance and Easy to Use --- PWM speed control board and potentiometer with switch function, allows you to achieve stepless, wide range and high accuracy control of your DC motor

Part Number: 9687283011

Details: Can support AC and DC input. No power supply polarity problems. Ultra-high voltage scope, support 15-160VDC Input, support 12-110VAC input. Large heat sink with mounting holes. Ultra-high-power control. support 5A current. Except the board inside a PWM speed control, can also support an external PWM signal input speed control, external PWM input requirements: level 3.5-12V VPP, the frequency of 1K-10KHZ, the duty ratio is 0% to 93%. in particular apply in MCH3 spindle speed control. when with external PLC control, a 2K resistor is used. A wide range of support motor. It can be used to control most of the DC motor in the market. As long as the DC resistance of the motor is > 2 Ohms DC resistance .  The conversion rate is about 97%, and the power of the plate is different when the voltage is different. 160VDC,2A motor load, limit no more than 2W. This drive can't fit  for the DC motor that DC resistance is <2 Ohm When the control board is equipped with DC Motor, following conditions must meet: current<5A, resistance>2R, Voltage <110V Equipped with a fuse protection and better performance. The high power limiting resistance is adopted to reduce the heating of the whole module and improve the working stability. Specifications: Voltage input: 15-160VDC ,12-110VAC Maximum current:5A current Weight:135g Package Included: 1 x Motor Speed Controller

EAN: 0663862533903

Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches

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