flashtree 12V ESD5500E Series Electronic Engine Speed Controller Governor+MSP6729 Speed Sensor + ADC120 Actuator 30V GDAE10 Generator Genset Parts Regulator


Brand: GDAE10

Color: 12V


  • Widely used to all kinds of generator together with ADC120 12V, high performance and perfectly realize electronic speed governor.
  • Available Torque: Max1.0Lb-ft(1.4Nm)
  • Maximum Operating Shaft Angular Travel: 25+1degree CW/CCW
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC
  • Normal Operating Current: 2 A at 12V DC,1 A at 26VDC

Part Number: 1

Details: Package Included:1x ESD5500E speed controller1x MSP6729 Magnetic Speed Sensor1x ADC120 actuatorSpeed Sensor MSP6729ADC120-12\24 Actuator SPECIFICATIONSPOWER INPUT:   Maximum CurrentContinuously Rated: 6 A at 12V/24V DC,3 A at 24VDCENVIROMENTAL:   Temperature Range: -54 to 95   Relative Humidity: up to 100%   All Surface finishes: Corrosion resistantPHISICAL:   Weight: 2.3 kg   Mounting: Any position, electrical connector at the top preferredRELIABILITY:   Vibration: up to 20G @50-500 Hz   Testing: 100% TestedMATING HARDWARE:   Connector: Supplied With Actuator   Lever: LE1500-2   Rod End Bearings(to attach a 12#20 HD linkage rod to lever)             BR102(Right Hand)                       

EAN: 0768788892452

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