flashtree 5 Pcs Temperature Control Switch KSD301 Thermostat Switch 250V 15A Normal Closed Thermal Control Switch for Household Electric Appliances(150℃)

by Jeanoko

Brand: Jeanoko


  • ✔High Reliability: KSD301 quick-acting thermostat is a series of small bimetal thermostats with a metal cover. The wing temperature sensor has the characteristics of stable performance, high accuracy, small size, light weight, high reliability, long life and low wireless interference
  • ✔High Sensitivity: The pins of the temperature control switch have high sensitivity and reliability. In addition, some numbers and letters are engraved on the metal cover to identify the size. Do not allow liquid to enter the thermal switch, and cracks on the cap cannot be used
  • ✔High Accuracy:Normally closed thermal switch means that the contacts of the thermal switch are usually kept closed. When the temperature rises to the set value, the contact will open and cut off the circuit. A normally open thermal switch means that the contacts of the thermal switch are usually kept open. When the temperature rises, the contacts will close and connect
  • ✔Stable & Durable: The thermal control switch has a simple but practical structure to make the switch more stable and durable. The thermostat can protect the battery while charging and prolong its service life by 3 times
  • ✔Application Range: The thermostat switch is mainly used for electric motor heating water dispensers, kettles, disinfection cabinets, coffee machines, electric irons, dryers, water heaters, rice cookers, heaters, disinfection cabinets and motor cleaners

Part Number: Jeanokopb68idgg7z948-33

Details: Feature: 1. We provide 23 kind of switch of different acting temperature. 2. Suitable for disinfecting cupboards, electric boiling water bottles, coffee pots, warm water bags, water dispensers, microwave ovens, etc. 3. 5 pcs a set can meet your quantity needs. 4. Simple but practical structure makes the switch more stable and durable. 5. The thermostat will protect your battery while charging and prolong its service life 3 times. Specification: Item Type:Thermostat Switch Temperature:40℃/45℃/50℃/55℃/60℃/65℃/70℃/75℃/80℃/85℃/90℃/95℃/100℃/105℃/110℃/115℃/120℃/125℃/130℃/135℃/140℃/145℃/150℃(Optional) Voltage:250V Current:15A Package List: 5 x Thermostat Switch

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.7 x 0.4 inches

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