flashtree 5V Voltage Regulator, DROK NC Buck Converter DC 5-32V to 0-30V 5A Adjustable Step Down Power Converter Board Power Supply Reducer Transformer Module

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Brand: DROK


  • 5-32V to 0-30.0V adjustable buck CC CV converter with volt amp display. 0-5A constant current / voltage output, over 2A please add a heatsink.
  • Numerical Control: there are "-" button for decreasing output voltage/current and output adjustment "+" for increasing output voltage/current in setting mode.
  • Dual LEDs accurately displays volts & amps simultaneously. Press the "OFF / ON" button to switch to turn on/off the output. In working mode, you can switch the input and output voltage display.
  • Setting current and voltage limits: press the "SET" button to select the digit you want to change, then use the "+" "-" buttons to increase or decrease the value. Press "SET" again to move to high-digit. Press "OFF / ON" button to determine the data.
  • Neatly laid out and soldered, with the mounting holes, which is easy to hook up the wires. You can use it to DIY a high-power LED constant current driver, rechargeable lithium batteries charging, solar panels, etc.

model number: 180051US

Part Number: 180051US

Details: Technical Parameters: Input Voltage Range: 5-32V (not to over 32V, or it will be damaged) Output Voltage Range: 0-30.0V (step-down mode, the input must be at least 1V higher than output) Output Power: 30W max Output Current: 0-5A (if over 2A, should enhance heat dissipation) Output Voltage Setting Resolution: 0.1V Output Current Setting Resolution: 10mA Power / Load Effect: CV <20mV, CC <30mA Voltage Measure Accuracy: ± (1% + 1 digits) Current Measure Accuracy: ± (1% + 2 digits) Dimensions: 75 * 43 * 12 mm Function Mode: 1, Setting Mode: In this mode, you can set the output current and voltage. Press the "SET" button, the digits on the screen will flash, then short press the "-" button to reduce the value, or short press the "+" button to increase the value and long pressing it, the value will increase rapidly. Press the "SET" button again to move to high-digit, move one digit with per pressing. When the setup is completed, press the "ON / OFF" button to determine the set data. At the same time, the system will save the set data to the chip's internal memory. It will also retain the set data when power-up again. 2, Working Mode: This mode is the normal operating mode, only in working mode, you can switch the input and output voltage display. 3, Automatically Output When Power On Function When power off, press ON/OFF button, then supply power to the module. At this time, the monitor will display "-F1-,-ON-", which means the module will output automatically when power on. With the same operation, if the monitor display "-F1-,-OFF-", which means the function, automatically output when power on, is turned off and you need to press the ON/OFF button if you want an output when power on.

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches

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