flashtree Adjustable Digital display 10-55V 60A PWM DC Brushed Motor Speed Controller Switch Control 12V 24V 36V 48V Forward Brake Reverse For power wheels regulation (60A PWM)


Brand: TKXEC


  • The input voltage must be equal to the rated voltage of the motor.Wide Voltage: Wide voltage input 10-55V, maximum output current 60A,Continuous current: 40A.
  • Digital display :Motor Rotation Speed Percentage 0~100% ,Accurate adjustment speed.Adjust Output Current Control Motor Speed
  • Speed Control Knob:Stepless speed regulation ,and with Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch.Only Work for Brushed Motor.
  • Notice 1: The power of the input power supply must be greater than 1.5 times the rated power of the motor to make the motor work (note: the input voltage and the rated voltage of the motor must be consistent).
  • Notice: If there is a forward-reverse circuit regulator on the children's car, please be sure to connect the speed controller between the power supply and the forward -reverse circuit regulator of the children's car. Otherwise, the speed controller may be damaged.

Details: Input voltage: DC10-55V (equal to the ratedvoltage of the motor)    Output voltage: Linear under load  Connection Type: Barrier TerminalProduct    Maximum current: 60A                    Continuous current: 40A Speed Type: Adjusting Current             Speedmode: potentiometer (linear)                                                    forward reverse: support                 Speed range: 0--100%                                                                 Control frequency: 15KHZ               Wiring type: Terminal knob Support motor: DC brush motor,can't work for Brushless motor stepper motor                                                              Specifications: 100K (with switch)                                   Motherboard size: 100MM * 76MM * 28MM           Shell size: 110 * 78 * 38MM Note: The digital display is the full speed percentage of the motor 0-100 not the motor actual speed The input voltage must be positive and negative Correctly Connect

EAN: 0780669872865

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

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