flashtree ASI PLB12-E 12 Button Crane Pendant Station, Double Row, 10 Bidirectional Push Buttons, 4 Two Speed, 1 Alarm Button, 1 Emergency Stop, 1NC/16No Contacts


Brand: Automation Systems Interconnect


  • Overhead crane and hoist pendant control stations
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Double row insulated housing
  • Easy to wire terminations
  • Ul508

Release Date: 20-11-2017

model number: PLB12-E

Part Number: PLB12-E

Details: ASI PLB12/E is a double row pendant station for pendant controls of overhead cranes in applications that need an industrial 12 button pendant controller. The PLB12/E crane pendant is assembled with one twist to release emergency stop button with a NC contact, a green start button with two NO contacts, up-down push buttons, right-left and angled up and down buttons with NO contact blocks and fast up-down and angled up-down buttons with 2 NO contacts each. The housing of this compact double row 12 push button crane pendant is made of a double insulated thermoplastic housing that is shock proof and heat resistant and offers IP65, NEMA4X rating. The housing is equipped with a cable strain relief to ensure that wiring to the 12 hole pendant controller is secure during all operation. The laser engraved push button switches along with the double row push button switch mounting make for a user friendly pendant station. The contacts used in this 12 button crane pendant station are rated at 16A and screw clamp wire terminations for easy wiring.

Package Dimensions: 21.1 x 5.0 x 3.7 inches

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