flashtree DC 12V Delay Relay Module Board 0-25 Second Adjustable Timer Relay Turn On/Turn Off Switch Module with Opto-couplers Isolator

SKU B0761XD14F

Brand: Walfront


  • 12V trigger delay normally open relay module, repeatedly triggering effective
  • Delay time can be adjusted by potentiometer, default 0-25 seconds, if you need more time, simply replace a larger capacitance or potentiometer
  • Power supply terminal has anti-reverse diode for protection
  • Trigger signal can be high level or low level signals, suitable for industrial control, the module can be triggered repeatedly
  • It can be used in robotics, car lamp delay, intelligent product development, automation equipment, PLC development, intelligent home, burglar alarm delay, and development of electronic

Part Number: Walfronts2g18rekmx

Details: This delay relay module is widely used in robot, automobile lamp, intellectual product development,  PLC and electronic development etc. The delay time can be adjusted through potentiometer, and the default value is 0.1s to 25 seconds. You can greatly extend the timespan by replacing a large capacitor or potentiometer. Protection against power reversal protection diode, better protection module. It can be accessed by a large current load (250V ac 10A or 30V dc 10A). Specification: Operating Voltage: DC 12V  Load Capacity: AC 250V 10A; DC 30V 10A Delay Time: T(S)=1.1*R(Ω)*C(f); e.g. if capacitor is 47uf, resistor is 500KΩ, T=1.1*0.000047*500000=25.85sec. Size: 52*16mm/2.04*0.62" Working Principle: 1. Power on the module (12V or 5V) and relay is energized immediately. N.O. terminal is connected to COM terminal. 2. Relay is dis-energized after 0 to 25 seconds. N.C. terminal is connected to COM terminal. 3. Relay keeps dis-energized until there is an external trigger signal. 4. If there is always trigger signal, relay will keep energized until trigger signal disappears, then dis-energized after 0 to 25 seconds. Now N.C. terminal is connected to COM terminal. Package Includes: 1 x Timer Relay Module

EAN: 0663862243062

Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.0 x 1.0 inches

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