flashtree DC 5-12V/15-160V Stepper Motor Drive,PWM Adjustable Stepper Motor Controller Signal Generator Speed Regulator


Brand: SYWAN


  • Power supply: 15-160VDC or 5-12VDC. If you are using 5-12VDC power, positive end connect DC 5-12V Input, negative end connect Common Cathode End.
  • 3 Frequency: High: 5.8KHZ-127KHZ, Mid: 590HZ-15.8KHZ, Low: 82HZ-2.3KHZ
  • To control the stepper motor, mus connect to the driver
  • PUL + and PUL- pulsed positive and negative; EN + and EN- is to enable the positive and negative terminals; DIR + and DIR- are the positive and negative directions.
  • Frequency of measurement can amount PUL and common cathode terminal (GND) two ports.

Part Number: steep

Details: Specification: Power supply voltage: 15-160V / 5-12V Frequency: High: 5.8KHZ-127KHZ, Mid: 590HZ-15.8KHZ, Low: 82HZ-2.3KHZ Size: Approx. 73 x 51 x 37mm / 2.87 x 2 x 1.45inch Weight: 50g Quantity: 1pc Package List: 1 x PWM Generator Note: If you use to start or stop the function, ENA controller enable terminal must be connected to common cathode or common anode drive.

EAN: 0713325028436

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches

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