flashtree XR06CX-4N1F1 Adjustable Touch Screen Digital Thermostat Controller Compressor Defrost Fans 110V/50-60Hz for Refrigerating Units


Brand: Dixell


  • XR06CX is for applications on medium or low temperature ventilated refrigerating units.With FC parameter it can be selected the fans functioning FC=cn will switch ON and OFF with the compressor and not run during defrost FC=on fans will run even if the compressor is off, and not run during defrost After defrost, there is a timed fan delay allowing for drip time, set by means of the Fd parameter.
  • FC=cy fans will switch ON and OFF with the compressor and run during defrost FC=oY fans will run continuously also during defrost. An additional parameter FS provides the setting of temperature, detected by the evaporator probe, above which the fans are always OFF. This is used to make sure circulation of air only if his temperature is lower than set in FS.
  • FANS AND DIGITAL INPUT When the digital input is configured as door switch iF=do, fans and compressor status depends on the dC parameter value: dC=no normal regulation; dC=Fn fans OFF; dC=cP compressor OFF; dC=Fc compressor and fans OFF. When rd=y, the regulation restart with door open alarm
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Check the supply voltage is correct before connecting the instrument. Do not expose to water or moisture: use the controller only within the operating limits avoiding sudden temperature changes with high atmospheric humidity to prevent formation of condensation. Warning: disconnect all electrical connections before any kind of maintenance.
  • Fit the probe where it is not accessible by the End User. The instrument must not be opened. In case of failure or faulty operation send the instrument back to the distributor or to Dixell S.r.l.(see address) with a detailed description of the fault. Consider the maximum current which can be applied to each relay (see Technical Data).

model number: Dixell XR06CX-4N1F1

Part Number: Dixell-Jason20210159

Details: The XR06CX-4N1F1, format 32x74x60 mm, is microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on medium or low temperature ventilated refrigerating units. It has three relay outputs to control compressor, fan, and defrost, which can be either electrical or reverse cycle Number of Relay Outputs: 1 Relay Output 1: NO-20A; tdin hot gas defrost (compressor ON). Package Include 1 X Dixell XR06CX Digital Thermostat Controller(Whole package with accessories)

EAN: 0791974311055

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