flashtree DC12V 4-Wire PWM PC Fan Temperature Control Manumotive Fan Speed Controller Module CPU High-Temperature Alarm with Buzzer with NTC 3950 Thermistor


Brand: diymore

Color: Blue


  • Support all within 12V 5A fans, synchronous rectifier output, high efficiency
  • A plurality of fans can be used in parallel (total current does not exceed 5A), supports automatic temperature control and manumotive speed control, temperature control speed with four temperature zones for setting up, easy to apply in a variety of applications
  • It can be opened with a three-wire fan monitoring function (stall warning)
  • Temperature probe parameters: 50K B = 3950. Thermostat temperature zone error: error depending on the temperature probe, generally 3-5%
  • Thermostat temperature zone error: error depending on the temperature probe, generally 3-5%.

Binding: Personal Computers

Part Number: 011676

Details: Specification: Operating voltage: DC12V Non-standard anti-timing fan (reverse adjust speed) Board size: 2.0 x 1.7 x 0.5inch/50mm x 43mm x 13mm The positioning hole position 1.7 x 1.5inch/44mm x 37mm, 0.1inch/3mm diameter Circuit load capacity: maximum current per output 5A, the bus currents up 9A Currently recording uncontrollable four-wire Fan Model Summary: Delta FFR0612VHE, FFR0612DHE; Dimensions 6038 Feature: Intel standardized four-wire fan control protocol, supports all standard four-wire interface chassis fan and CPU fan control. While more than 95 percent support violent fan speed control, three-way independent control of different functions. With the way temperature shift and two-way stall detection alarm function (with accessories). The largest single-channel support 12V5A fan, the entire board supports up to 12V9A total current input. In addition: The above range only PWM range, the actual fan control effect will vary depending on the fan. The thermistor senses the temperature and the buzzer alarms when the temperature is high. This accessory has a thermal, there is a buzzer, and then four-way control of the fan, you can connect four 12V fans. Note: Please note that the controller is a four-wire PWM fan controller can control four-standardized protocols in line with Intel's four-wire fan. All 4 lines of the chassis and CPU fan are met, a server with more than 97% can control fan violence). Unable to control two-wire or three-wire fan, you can not completely turn off the fan! Package Included: 1 x DC 12V Four Wire Thermostat PWM Fan Speed Controller Module 1 x Cable 1 x Probe

Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.0 x 1.1 inches

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