flashtree ECO-WORTHY Wireless Motor Controller, Wireless Remote Positive Inversion Control Kit for Linear Actuator, Forward Reverse Remote Control System 12V DC



Color: White


  • The main function of this set of controller is to control the positive &negative rotation of the DC motor, generally used for linear actuators.
  • The controller’s power supply is DC8--35V, it has the function of reverse connection protection.
  • There is a manual switch with the controller, the positive &negative rotation plays the role as the limit switch protection.
  • The remote control can be inching control and self-lock control.
  • 4 keys remote control more stable. Remote control distance: less than 164 feet /50 meter.

model number: ZWN-RSM1-PLUS

Part Number: CA-L11ZFCDC-1

Details: Specifications:
Input voltage: 8~35V
Output voltage: 8~35V
Max Amps: 10A
Fuse/AC adaptor: yes
Prevent back-connect protection: yes
Remote control distance: Less than 100 meters
On/off power stable voltage: yes
Inching/self-locking control: yes
Hand/limit position control: yes
Overtime protection: yes
Progress: yes

Keys A control positive turn, keys B control reverse turn.
Keys C control insist positive turn, keys D control insist reverse turn.
Red and green light shows the shock positive and reverse turn position.
Connect limit A&B to the power supply can stop the shock's working position.

1. The input voltage should be within that range.
2. Do not inflow water inside.
3. Do not make the positive and reverse turn in a short time.
4. It needs to replace the battery inside the remote controller when the control distance is shorter.(12V 23A)
5. The fuse may be broken when it had no any response.

Package Included:
1pc Linear Actuator Controller with Wireless Remote Control

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.6 x 1.8 inches

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