flashtree Power Relay, 14-Pin 5 AMP 6V DC Relay Coil with Socket Base, LED Indicator, 4PDT 4NO 4NC - MY4NJ [Applicable for DIN Rail System]




  • Electromagnetic relays are widely used: household air conditioner compressor motors, fan motors, cooling pump motors, starter relays for car starters, spur relays, motors, generator circuit breakers, industrial relays, etc
  • Product Name: Electromagnetic Power Relay; Model: YJ2N-LY Type: DPDT; number of terminals: 14
  • Coil voltage: 24VDC; Contact capacity: 10A 240VAC / 28VDC
  • Red mechanical indicatoe:It can intuitively judge whether the relay is attracted
  • LED signal lamp : It can judge the AC or DC coil, and judge whether the coil is energized

Part Number: Electromagnetic Relay

EAN: 0760385463295

Package Dimensions: 3.2 x 2.6 x 1.7 inches

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