HiLetgo 5V 1 Channel Self Locking Bistable One Button Start/Stop Self-Locking Relay Module Relay Switch for MCU Control


Brand: HiLetgo

Color: Blue


  • Using double-panel design PCB; MCU control, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference, will not trigger by mistake, superior performance than CD4013;
  • With high-power regulator to provide adequate and stable voltage, and have enough cooling holes to ensure long-term stable and reliable products work;
  • With anti-power reverse diode protection, a short time reverse power supply without any damage to the product;
  • The use of genuine Songle relay control load, 250V 10A (AC) and 30V 10A (DC) under the load can withstand;
  • Triggering can also be an external trigger switch, the product is equipped with a good seat and lead wire, more convenient to use.

Binding: Office Product

model number: 3-01-0378

Part Number: 3-01-0378

Details: Product Usage: Press the trigger button, the relay pull lock, press again, the relay is disconnected, you can also contact the trigger switch, and trigger with a low level. Household appliances control, family lighting control, factory equipment control, for a variety of small current control high-voltage high-power product control. Other Features: 1.Tactile switch as a product testing, direct testing of product stability; 2.Trigger can also be used to trigger other sensor modules, as long as the trigger is active low, the function has more extensions Electrical parameters: Supply voltage: 5V Supply current: more than 100mA Load: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC) Life expectancy: 1 million times Product instructions: 1. Press the voltage version connected to the appropriate direct power supply; 2. Power can not be reversed, although the protection circuit, but can not be reversed for a long time; 3. The load power To leave a certain margin for the relay load should be avoided high-power (2000W or so) and long working environment, the product life will have a certain impact. Package Included: 1*5V 1 Channel Latching Relay Module with Touch Bistable Switch

EAN: 0702082656235

Package Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.1 x 0.7 inches

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