Hilitchi 12 Pcs Normally Close Thermoastat Temperature Control Switch Auto Reset 45 to 135°C Thermostat KSD9700 Assortment Kit

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Brand: Hilitchi


  • 👏[PLASTIC&METALLIC MATERIAL] PBT sleeve(clear plastic) and solid metallic shell bimetal temperature control switch shows noble and fashionable. Durable and solid, long performance life, ksd 9700 series thermal protector are widely used for home appliance’s motor and electrical equipment, such as air conditioner motor, transformer, thermal appliances, etc.
  • 👏[More options for you] From 45C- 135C, enough quantity and good choice for your projects. Use it to turn on a cooling fan on/off or use it on refrigerator compressor or computer style fans. Simple and easy operation. Works great for your home small projects repair work. Please keep the metallic head in the sleeve to prevent it from shorting to the metal baseboard heater case.
  • 👏[HOW IT WORKS] KSD9700 series product.The bimetal disc is in free state and the contacts are closed when the electrical appliance is working in normal condition. When the ambient temperature raises to the preset operating temperature, the contacts open as the bimetal disc deforms to jump when being heated, then the circuit is cut off to control the temperature.Then the contacts will close automatically to cut on the circuit when the electrical appliance is cooled down to the reset temperature.
  • 👏[NICELY-PACKED PACKAGE] 12 pcs would be put in a hard plastic storage box for easy organization and recognition.Normally closed thermal switch means that the contacts of thermal switch normally remain closed. When temperature increases to the set value, the contacts would open and cut the circuit OFF.
  • 👏[QUALITY AFTER-SALE SERVICE] Quality issue or any questions, please come to us. We would solve all the problems for you.

Part Number: H-4111-ksd9700

Details: KSD 9700 12 Pcs 45~135°C Bimetal Temperature Control Switch NC Thermostat Assortment Kit
Model KSD9700
Max voltage 250V
Max current 5A
Dimensions 18 x 7 x 4mm
Wires length 70mm
Normally Closed (NC)
Temperature: 45°C to 135°C
Number of items:12pcs (1piece for each value)

1. Please keep the cap firm with the installation surface of the controlled appliance when install. Please wipe conduction silicon grease to the sensing surface in order to insure
effect of the temperature sensing.
2. Never collapse or deform the plastic or metal shell during installation in order to avoid any influence to its performance.
3. For products used in circuit at no more than 5A current, please choose the lead with cross-section surface of copper core falls within0.4-0.75mm for connection..
4.This product is not suitable for heat in the air, only applies to contact heat! (
available binding wire, iron wire, fixed or 704 silicone rubber for fixed)
5. Metal shell case charged, work is not suitable for the water.
6. When installation, the temperature control switch shall be clingy was charged with the installation of the equipment surface.

EAN: 0799862352791

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.4 x 1.3 inches

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