IndusTec Wired 20A 12V - DC Motor Polarity Reversing Rocker 3 Position DPDT Momentary Automatic Reset Switch (On)-Off-(On) 6 Pin DPDT Double Pole Double Throw




  • #12 wires with female .250 plugs crimped and installed. Hole size is 7/8" X 1-1/16" or 22mm X 27mm. 16 Amps at 250V AC and 20 Amps at 125V AC. 20 Amps at 12V DC and 10 Amp at 24V DC. 6 Pins. Three positions. Excellent quality and an easy simple installation. A switch is an electrical component which can make or break an electrical circuit. A rocker switch is a type of electrical device that is actuated by pushing a button back and forth to open or close an electric circuit. Not Waterproof.
  • Make sure you're using a switch and wire sufficient enough to handle the power that you are carrying. In higher draw applications, a relay may be needed. Always use a fast blow fuse for your rated amperage. Use terminals of good enough grade and quality to handle the amperage in the switch to avoid heat and damage. This polarity reversal switch is suitable for all kinds or electrical equipment, motorhomes, and power wheel quad. Its main function is to upgrade your equipment to reverse direction.
  • Great Replacement parts for all sorts of DC motor reversing applications such as Camper Trailer Jack, RV Controls, in and out operation, open and close for doors, up and down for windows and liftgates. Also good to slide awning. Can be used for accessories on most vehicle. Momentary / Mom / Resetting / Springing / Temporary switch is used for jogging operations such as lift, hoist, winch, door, or window resets automatically (returns to center off position) when released. Forward Reverse Switch.
  • Double Pole Double Throw, DPDT, 2PDT, DP2T, 2P2T, Dual Position, dual throw. This type of switch can be a little confusing. It might be easier to consider it to be two SPDT switches in one. They connect two different power sources to two different loads or accessories at the same time. It routes two separate circuits, connecting each of two inputs to one of two outputs. The position of the switch determines the number of ways in which each of the two contacts can be routed.
  • Our Heavy Duty rocker switches are used in Car, Car Accessories, Race Car, Racing Needs, Truck, Boat, Airplane, Aviation, Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, RV, Camper, Trailer, Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Winch, Actuator, Liftgate, fifth wheel jack, Manufacturing, Bilge Pump, Auxiliary Cooling Fan, Solar, Light Bars, Sounds Systems, MRO Maintenance Repair, Appliances, Outdoor Lights, Dash Lights, headlights, Dome Lights, Engineering, Off Road, Design, Robotics, Automation, Tilt, Trim, DIY, Etc.

Details: Industrial Technicians Presents Motor Polarity Reversing Rocker Switch 20 amps 12V DC Has 3 positions with off in center Automatically spring to off Hook Red to + V DC and Black to - V DC Blues to Motor The dc motor will reverse one way then the other with switch The switch will reset automatic back to off if released 20 Amps at 12V DC and 10 Amps at 24V DC A must have for that DYI in the familyMaintained and Momentary explained A Maintained switch is noted several ways in different industries On Off On or Latched or Latching or Locking It is going to Latch Lock in position you or someone else places it. Used for non jogging operations like pumps fans or lights A momentary switch denoted in several ways also is (On) Off (On) or Resetting or automatic reset or springing This term means it will return spring reset to a position (usually off) when you release it. For jogging operations like lift hoist winch or door

Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.1 x 1.0 inches

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