Molex (2-Circuits) Male & Female Receptacle Plug, w/Terminal sockets w/18-24 AWG Standard .062" Pins, Pitch 3.68mm (Pack of 3 Set


Brand: Molex


  • No. of Circuits: 2 , ( 3 Completed Set )
  • Pin Size: Standard .062" 18-24 AWG
  • STANDARD SIZE .062" Pins
  • Pitch - Mating Interface 3.68mm
  • Temperature Range - Operating: -40°C to +105°C

Part Number: 3-Circuits 3Set (0.062")

Details: Item Specification: 0.062" 2Circuits w/18-24 AWG: Circuits : 2 Circuits Detail:3x1 Voltage rating: 250V.AC/DC Current rating: 6A Max Flammability94V-2 Pitch - Mating Interface 3.68mm Temperature Range - Operating: -40°C to +105°C Contact resistance: ≤0.015Ω Insulation resistance: ≥1000M Ω Meterial: nylon (housing), bronze Tin/plated(Terminal) Terminal Wired Applicable wires: 18-24 AWG Low-Halogen (Pins & Socket) Pro Kit Contents: Qty: 3 - Molex, 2-Circuits Plug Free Hanging Size: Qty: 3 - Molex, 2-Circuits Circuits Receptacles Size: Qty: 6 - Molex, Male Crimp Pins Standard .062" 18-24 AWG (1 more extra Pins) Qty: 6 - Molex, Female Crimp Sockets Standard .062" 18-24 AWG ( 1 more extra Pins) Terminals in Strip/Reel Packaging. ( Please view the image for more detail). Benefits Strip/Reel Terminals: Strip/Reel Packaging Contacts have an easier time handling the terminals while they are attached to the strip. Whenever yours hand are steady or not then maybe this will make things easier for you while on your project.

Package Dimensions: 2.3 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches

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