Mollom VFD 220V 1.5KW 2HP Single Phase Input 3 Phase 0-999Hz Output Variable Frequency Drive CNC Motor Inverter Converter for Spindle Speed Control


Brand: Mollom

Color: White


  • 【High Performance】Power: 1.5kw; Input voltage: AC 220V(±15%); Output voltage: AC 220V; Input frequency: 50/60 Hz; Output frequency: 0-999 Hz; Input phase: single-phase; Output phase: three-phase.VFD Dimension: 100 x 140 x 150 mm (L x W x H).
  • The phase converter features low noise and low electromagnetic interference, through the optimization of PWM control technology and electromagnetic compatibility of the overall design. There is enough space for heat dissipation between electronic components, and the shell adopts porous heat dissipation.
  • 【Smart Digital Display】 Adopting user-friendly keyboard design & reasonable layout, easy to operate; digital display, intuitive and clear. The detachable design is convenient for remote control.
  • 【Application Motor】CNC router, CNC machine, milling machine, drilling machine, wingding machine, mixer, extruder, slitter, winder, compressor, ventilator, pump, grinder, conveyor, elevator, centrifuger and other speed control machines.
  • 【Importent Note】 No support external resistor(the function needs to be customized by notifying the seller before purchase),If your motor is heavy load, pls choose a higher power level VFD or contact sales for model selection suggestion.🔺🔺The working environment is relatively humid, with water mist, water droplets or metal objects falling in, which will cause a short circuit.

model number: 1.5KW220V

Part Number: 6973665990204

EAN: 6973665990204

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.8 x 5.6 inches

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