Motor Speed Controller, US-52-RED Single Phase AC Motor Speed Controller, 300W/400W/500W High Precision Electric Motor Speed Regulator, AC 220V, 50/60Hz(300W)

by Thincol
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Brand: Thincol


  • MOTOR SPEED CONTROLLER -- AC220V 50/60HZ 300W motor speed controller, widely used in packaging, printing, food, electronics, instrumentation, medical equipment, clothing industry production lines as speed-regulating drive devices.
  • SPEED ​​ADJUSTMENT RANGE -- 90-1400r/min 50HZ, 90-1700r/min 60HZ, when the speed governor is connected to the motor, if the torque or speed is found not to meet the requirements, the US-52 type adjusts the side trimming potentiometer (speed setting adjustment) .
  • FORWARD AND REVERSE CONTROL -- If you want to change the direction of the motor, just replace the "CCW" and "CW" jumpers on the wiring block on the back of the controller. When changing the direction, wait for the motor to stop completely before changing the direction. 1) Select COM and CW to short-circuit, and the motor rotates clockwise; 2) Select COM and CCW to short-circuit, and the motor rotates counterclockwise.
  • WIRING METHOD -- There are 6 wires for the speed governor, the red wire is the main motor (power wire), the green and white are the capacitor secondary wires, and the two blue are the speed control feedback wires. The yellow wire is the ground wire.
  • APPLICABLE NOTE -- Connect according to the wiring diagram and confirm that the line is connected correctly. Do not modify it arbitrarily; adjust the external speed knob to "0" before use to avoid instantaneous large current and damage the controller.

Part Number: Thincol0pgfrkov32-01

Details: Specification: Product model: US-52-RED Matching motor power: 300W; 400W; 500W (Optional) Working power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ (Voltage fluctuation range ±10% Ue) Use environment: -10~+50℃ Relative humidity: <90% Speed range: 90-1400r/min 50HZ, 90-1700r/min 60HZ Package list: 1 * Motor Speed Controller Note: The actual product color may deviate from the photo due to light. There may be a slight deviation in the measurement of product.

EAN: 0738603930447

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.8 x 3.3 inches

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