National Instruments, NI-9203 (C Series Current Input Module)


Brand: National Instruments


  • 200 kS/s, ±20 mA, 8-Channel C Series Current Input Module

Part Number: NI 9203

Details: The NI‑9203 is intended for high-performance control and monitoring applications. It features programmable input ranges and variable connectivity options. To protect against signal transients, the NI‑9203 includes a channel‑to‑earth ground double‑isolation barrier (250 Vrms isolation) for safety and noise immunity. .. We’ve been in this industry for more than 18 years selling new and used National Instruments units with hundreds of models as PXIE controllers: PXIE-8133, PXIE-8135, PXIE-8840 and etc. Feature cards: PXI-6255,6289,6225,6221,6229 and etc. Oscilloscope cars: PXIE-5122,5114,5124,5105 and etc., FPGA models: PXI-7851R, PXI-7852R,7854R,795, PXIE-7966,7965 and etc. and CRIO or CDAQ cases such as CDAQ-9184, CRIO-9076, NI-9263, NI-9205 as well as PCI and USB data collection cards and other units. Please consult us for detail before buying if in need.

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