NOS 25974NOS Mini 2-Stage Progressive Controller

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Brand: NOS


  • Mini 2-Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller
  • Hand Held Color LCD 2. 4” Touch Screen Display w/ Micro SD Memory Card to Store Tunes and Software Updates
  • Touch screen Stylus included
  • 2 Fully Independent Stage Outputs – Allows Programming in Any Curve Shape or With Built-in Ramp Builder Application
  • Progressive Solenoid Operation Based on Time, RPM, and/or TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Input

Binding: Automotive

model number: 25974NOS

Part Number: 25974NOS

Details: Getting the most out of your nitrous system and putting more power to the ground when traction is at its best is the goal with anyone using nitrous as a Power Adder. The Mini 2-stage progressive nitrous controller from NOS is packed with features that makes that challenge much easier. Two completely independent stages of nitrous/fuel control, each with independent throttle position activation switch and progressive ramps. RPM on/off control eliminates the need for a window switch and allows you to turn the nitrous on and off at set points & conditions. Two programmable outputs, allowing control of timing retard or other devices. The hand held 2. 4" LCD touch screen display (w/ included stylus), makes programming quick and simple and allows you to mount the main controller housing out of sight.

EAN: 0090127069516

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.3 x 3.2 inches

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