Onyehn PWM DC 10-60V Motor Speed Controller 12V 24V 36V 48V 20A High Power HHO Driver Module RC Speed Regulator Stepless Variable Rotary Switches Pulse Width Modulator Waterproof Shell


Brand: Onyehn


  • Duty Cycle Adjustable: 5%-100%
  • Duty Cycle Adjustable: 5%-100%
  • Output Power: 12V*10A=120W,24*10A=240W,36V*10A=360W,48V*10A=480W
  • PWM Frequency: 25kHz
  • Practical shell,waterproof ,simple and easy-to-use,stable performance.

Details: Motor Type:DC brush motor Potentiometer Resistance: B100K Input Voltage: DC 10V-60V Rated Current: 10A Peak current: 20A Output Power: 12V*10A=120W,24*10A=240W,36V*10A=360W,48V*10A=480W Duty Cycle Adjustable: 5%-100% PWM Frequency: 25kHz Tap Hole Size: 8mm / 0.31inch Size: 88*59*35mm /3.46*2.32*1.38inch Weight:94g Model Number: CCM96SK Motor can be irrespective of positive and negative, when the running direction is inconsistent with the expectation, the direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence. The potentiometer knob can change the governor output duty cycle, thereby changing the motor speed. Please do not connect AC power directly(Such as:110V AC),the input volt of this controller should be DC,otherwise it will be burned out. Please make sure that the positive and negative polarity is connected correctly

EAN: 6869225293628

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.4 x 1.7 inches

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