Programmable PID Temperature Controller Ramp and Soak SSR Output with 60 Segment timely Cycles fr Kiln Paragon Ceramic Pottery Glass


Brand: Thermomart


  • Up to 60 segments (programmable steps for 30 ramp, 30 soak and other logic actions) available for program and temperature range -200 to 1800 °C (depends on input type) With soft-start function
  • Output: Voltage pulse to drive SSR, Input: Thermocouple: (K,S,E,J,T,B,N) RTD: (Cu50, PT100) Linear Voltage and current:0-5V,1-5V,0-1V,0-100mV,0-20mV,0-60mV,0.2-1V(100-500mV),-20 -+20mV(0-10V) -5V- +5V(0-50V), -100 - +100mV(2-10V) Linear Resistor:0-80 Ohm, 0-400 Ohm
  • Power Supply: 90~260VAC , Dimension: 48mm*48mm*90mm panel mount (DIN 1/16)
  • Display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature unit and Decimal points:Configurable for all inputs, Control Method: ON/OFF AI MPT with auto tuning, adopting fuzzy logic PID algorithm, Alarm Mode:Absolute value high limit, Absolute value low limit, Deviation high limit alarm, Deviation low limit alarm
  • The time configurable between minute and second, decimal point for all input, Auto/Manual control switch from front panel, Configurable time-dominate or value-dominate controls

Part Number: 769675371159

Details: Dual Digital PID Temperature Programmable (Ramp & Soak) Controller with SSR output and universal type input Use this Ramp & Soak PID Programmable Controller when you wish to precisely control the temperature of a kiln/heater on certain timely cycles. Can be programmed for multiple profiles up to 60 segments(30 Ramp and 30 Soaks). This controller is easy to program and comes with a user friendly manual. 100% Brand new in Box with manual, High performance and Top quality. Guarantee your Insured Undamaged shipping by purchasing from a Canada located seller. Ready for Immediate Shipment. Buy with confidence. Applicable industries: - Annealing - Jewelry - Beer Brewing - Ceramics - Metallurgy - Petrochemicals - Kiln, Oven, Furnace and etc.

EAN: 0769675371159

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