Purrble Companion- Calming Toy with Dynamic Heartbeat and Soothing Purr - Interactive Plush Companion for All Ages - Stuffed Animal Doll for Emotion Regulation - Cuddle and Pet Plushies


Brand: Purrble


  • 😌 Helps Kids & Adults Find Calm - Both high-tech tool and soft, furry toy, the Purrble companion is a cuddly, interactive friend who helps us find calm in moments of stress, overwhelm, and other big emotions.
  • 💗 How It Works - The Purrble companion's heart races to show emotion. Hold and pet your friend to slow their heartbeat into a gentle purr. Youʼll be surprised to find youʼve calmed yourself in the process. Studies show that by calming someone else, we can learn how to calm ourselves.
  • ✨ Powered by Responsive Technology - The Purrble companion has a dynamic heartbeat and a simple language of sighs, giggles and grunts that show emotion. Seven sensors respond to touch, fidgeting, and movement, creating a lifelike experience.
  • ⛱ Give Yourself a Break - Reviews from grateful parents show that the Purrble tool helps bring calm to the entire family, with sleep restored and moments of crisis averted. Our Gen Z and millennial customers have used their Purrble companion to help with the stresses of school and work.
  • 🔬 Born From Research - The Purrble companion is the first of its kind - a research-based tool, disguised as a cuddly friend! The core technology comes from over 3 years of rigorous research, blending the worlds of social robotics, social-emotional learning, and psychology.

Binding: Toy

Part Number: F42D

Details: Purrble is an interactive plush creature that helps kids calm themselves down. It is both a high-tech device and a soft, furry toy perfectly sized for soothing, at home and on-the-go. Equipped with seven sensors, Purrble is fully responsive to touch and fidgeting. Purrble’s fast-beating vibrational heart invites children to pet and calm their companion, slowing the heartbeat down to a gentle purr. By soothing Purrble, kids learn how to soothe themselves when big emotions bubble up and build positive coping skills over time. Calm kids, better days.

EAN: 0861433000421

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.4 x 5.0 inches

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