RioRand 400W 6-60V PWM DC Brushless Electric Motor Speed Controller with Hall

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Brand: RioRand

Color: Red


  • 1.Humanized design,the interface adopts binding posts,standard heat sink,integrated speed regulating potentiometer on the board,it can be used when the power is on,save time and effort.
  • 2.Full patch technology,stable performance,with forward and reverse, brake function.Electric Motor Speed Controller Brushless Controller with Hall.
  • 3.Wide voltage 6-60V high power 400W DC three-phase brushless with Hall controller.
  • 4.High-power 400W DC three-phase brushless with Hall controller, support PLC 0-5V analog control, support PWM control, amplitude 2.5-5V
  • 5.There are three relatively thick phase wires on the motor, and there are also three phase wire interfaces on the driver board. They are marked with the characters of MA, MB, MC and other similar characters, and they are also connected respectively.

Binding: Electronics

Part Number: KJL-01

Details: Main board specifications: Product name: High-power PLC 400W Brushless DC Motor Driver with Hall Working voltage: 6-60V Maximum current: rated 16A peak 20A Maximum power: 400W Overcurrent protection: Yes Interface Description: 1.MA MB MC phase line output connected to the motor 2.5V GND The motherboard comes with 5V power supply (available external power supply current does not exceed 50MA) 3.VCC GND main power supply (external DC power supply) 4.SC speed pulse signal output (only leave the interface, no technical support) 5.Direction control Forward and reverse control interface (high level effective, external switch can be connected) 6.Speed control speed control signal input (integrated potentiometer for speed control on the board can also be connected to 0-5V analog quantity to support PWM to 0-5 signal input speed control) 7.Ha Hb Hc 5V GND Hall signal Power input interface, generally motors with Hall have corresponding 5 wires Note 1,Debugging instructions: After receiving the driver board, first understand whether the interface can correspond to the interface of your brushless motor. 2,There is no fuse on the power supply circuit on the motherboard, and Jianyi has its own. If the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed, some chips on the board will be permanently damaged (not even 2 seconds). 3.Do not connect the motor that is obviously inconsistent with the voltage, current and power of the drive module or far away from each other, to avoid inexplicable "no point" damage.

Package Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches

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