RioRand PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Switch Control 7-70V 30A Fuse


Brand: RioRand

Color: Black


  • Wide voltage input 7-70V, maximum output current 30A .Adjustable potentiometer soft cable(about 15CM) can be separated, with running stop brake function
  • Can be use on long hours of work: Circuit optimization design, stable Adjust the motor smooth no noise no vibration, with power indication, wide duty cycle adjustment range
  • Using imported high-voltage MOS tube, three pressure 100V high-frequency low-resistance capacitors, automotive fuses
  • Adjust the motor smooth no noise no vibration, with power indication, wide duty cycle adjustment range
  • PWM Frequency and Share Space: 12KHZ ,The knob has a switch function, which can control the motor speed from 0% to 100%.



Details: Brand:RioRand Product Name :DC PWM Brush Motor Speed Controller Product operation parameters: Applicable voltage range: DC 8-72V (72V is the highest working voltage, please leave a margin) Drive current: Max 30A (working voltage and high current should be reduced, please use with power) Control power: within 12V 300W within 24V 400W within 48V 450W within 60V 500W Adjustable range of duty ratio: about 1%-100% PWM frequency: 12KHZ Instructions and precautions: 1. Please understand the product parameters for the first time, please contact us as soon as possible 2. This product is a DC brushed motor speed controller. It needs to be equipped with a DC power supply to supply power to the governor. It cannot be connected to AC power and cannot drive a brushless motor 3. Before wiring, please read the wiring label clearly. The input is DC, and the positive and negative poles should not be confused. The output connection to the motor (motor) does not need to be divided into positive and negative, if the running direction is wrong, please replace the two wires of the motor Adopt high-quality high-voltage MOS tube, three 100V high-frequency low-resistance capacitors, automotive fuses, accurate parameters, not easy to get hot, easy to replace. With aluminum case to protect internal circuit. It is a DC Motor Speed Controller,Not a Voltage Controller

EAN: 0619636133367

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches

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