Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter, My-PS-5 Model, Suitable for 3HP(2.2Kw) 9 Amp 200-240V 3 Phase Motor, Only for One Motor Should One DPS Be Used, Input/Output 200V-240V, Digital Type

SKU B09L464YL8

Brand: Myung Youn Electronics


  • The efficiency of our DPS is excellent more than other items
  • The failure rate is very low despite frequent operations
  • Excellent start-up torque
  • The size is small, lightweight and easy to install
  • DPS is a digital type
  • Semi-permanent lifetime
  • Due to the sealed type, DPS is strong against dust, moisture, and heat
  • DPS is designed to be non-thermal
  • DPS doesn't make any high frequency
  • 3 phase motors can be used at your home or workshop

model number: MY-PS-5-N-1

Part Number: MY-PS-5-N-1

Details: ▷ Before ordering our DPS, you should check the horsepower(HP) and the current(AMP) of your motor and purchase the suitable DPS. And please give us the information about your motor purpose to recommend a suitable DPS to you. Also, please note the below points carefully. 1. MY-PS-5 model is suitable for a 3HP motor. (2.2KW, 9 amps) 2. It should only be used for one motor per one DPS. The use of multiple motors is not allowed in our DPS. 3. The input/output voltage of our DPS is 200v~240v. 4. Our DPS is designed to be suitable for use in an electric motor. 5. The efficiency is around 90~95% for using an electric motor. 6. The voltage of the motor should be 200v~240v. If the voltage of your motor is 380v or 440v, you should change the wire of the motor to 200v~240v purpose to connect with the output of our DPS. 7. The thickness of wires should be suitable for amperes. 8. Only a single-phase motor brake is allowed. (Three-phase motor brake is not working at our DPS) 9. You could check three-phase on the output of DPS when your motor is running. If your motor is not running, you could not check the three-phase from the output of DPS. 10. If your motor has a magnetic starter, or electronic switch, or brake, the operating wires of this device should be connected on “U” and “W” of the output of our phase converter. Thus, if your motor is not running well or the motor is reversing, you should turn off the power immediately and you have to switch the wires on output(U, V, W) of our phase converter. Actually, when you connect the wires from the output of the phase converter to your motor, you could succeed the first time, or second time, or third time.

EAN: 0676307881767

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.0 x 3.4 inches

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