SZCY LLC AC 220V/2.2KW Variable Frequency Drive, 12A VFD Inverter Frequency Converter for Spindle Motor Speed Control (Single-Phase Input, 3 Phase Output)




  • Input voltage: 220V(+/-15%); Output voltage: 220VAC; Input frequency: 50/60 Hz; Output frequency: 0-400 Hz; Input phase: 1 phase; Output phase: 3 phase.
  • Application: Spindle Motor, Drill Press, CNC, HVAC, Lathe, Milling, Pumps, Conveyors, Mach3, Fan, Cooling, Compressor, Three-phase motor and other machines!
  • Spacing 2.54mm bar connector, 5-pin plug. DC cooling fan low noise, large air volume.
  • The machine is screwed to ensure the safety and reliability of the use. Three anti-paint protection lines, improve and extend the life of the fuselage.
  • The operator panel can be moved out and extended by 2M, 1.5M, 1M, 30CM. 1 Year replace or refund!!!

Details: Feature: 1. This frequency drive is made of high quality material, which is high accuracy and good performance. 2. It has good anti-interference ability and greatly improves stability. 3. With extremely strong anti-jamming capability, safe for you to use. 4. Simple to operate and wire, convenient for you to use. 5. Fast start and stop response, can provide you with good using effect. Specifications: Rated Voltage: AC220V (single phase) Material: engineering plastic Suitable Motor Power: 2.2kW Control Method: V/F closed loop Rated current: 12A Input:1PH AC 220V 50HZ/60HZ Capacity: 8.0KVA(2.2KW/3HP) Output Voltage Adjustable Method: PWM control Button Function: DISP: Switch monitoring parameters at monitoring state, at secondary menu, move data box to process editing position. PROG: Exit current(or present) state, switch among each states, mainly used to switch monitoring state, exit to previous menu. FUNG/DATA: Enter menus step-by-step, save setting parameters. FWD/REV: 1, Press momentary button to start,release to stop; 2, Rotate anticlockwise. Up: Press or press and hold to add data or function code. Down: Press or press and hold to minus data or function code. RUN: Start. STOP/RESET: 1, VFD stops running 2, Restore to interface before error. Knob: Adjust rotational speed. Terminal Function L,N single phase AC 220V input U,V,W output,connect to 3-phase AC motor GND ground. Note: If your motor needs high speed rotation, such as spindle motor, you should set the inverter parameters as follows: P001= 400, P003= 200, P006= 400 This is set to MAX 400hz, If you want to set up the MAX 70hz, P001 = 70, P003 = 35, P006 = 70

EAN: 0732376471671

Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 7.8 x 6.4 inches

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