Szliyands 12V 20mA Energy Saving LED Indicator Light Mounting Hole Size 22mm (7/8 Inch) Red Green Yellow 6 Pcs


Brand: Szliyands


  • Rated voltage: AC / DC 12V, Model: AD16-22D / S, Indicator color: Red, Yellow, Green.
  • 6Pcs environmental protection lamp: long life and reliable LED indicator, energy saving, low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to install: The screw clamp is easy to connect and has strong electrical conductivity. You only need to drill a 22mm (7/8 inch) hole and then use screws to fix it.
  • Practical and Convenient: These panel-mounted indicators ensure you a visual status indication of any index signal, expected signal, emergency signal, and other index signals.
  • Widely used: It can be used in power equipment, textile machinery, printers, ships and mining machinery.

Details: Size:12V 1.LED for energy saving and low maintenance cost durable for use 2.These lights are sure to give you a visual status cue of any indexing signal, anticipating signals, emergency signal and other indexing signals. Model: AD16-22D/S Rated Voltage: AC/DC 12V Rated Current: ≤20mA Mounting Hole Size: 22mm / 7/8inch Package Content 6 x Indicator Light (2x Red, 2 x Green, 2 x Yellow, )

EAN: 0190430555017

Package Dimensions: 1.1 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches

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