TAODAN IC Socket 10PCS 2.54mm Pitch 7.6 Row Pitch 2 Row 16 Round Pins Soldering DIP IC Chip Socket Adaptor




  • Product name: DIP IC socket.
  • Spacing: 2.54mm/ 0.1Inch. Line spacing (approximately): 7.6mm/ 0.3Inch.
  • Each size (approximately): 20.5 x 10 x 7.5mm/ 0.81Inch.
  • Material: plastic, metal. Color: black, silver. Package content: 10pcs DIP IC socket.
  • Double row, straight pin, soldering type, excellent electronic component for PCB board.

Part Number: ICSPSCA-16P-10

Details: Easy to use: Step 1: Solder the IC socket to the PCB circuit board. Step 2: Insert the chip into the IC socket, and it is done. The IC socket is the carrier between the chip and the PCB circuit board, and the chip can be plugged and inserted directly without soldering to the PCB board. famous: The spacing and line spacing of the connector holes must be the same as the spacing and line spacing of the chip pins Advantage: When the chip needs to be installed or replaced, the connection between the IC socket and the chip is directly removed to achieve the effect of saving IC cost and time. Feature: Excellent electronic components for PCB boards, IC sockets have extremely strong heat resistance and can withstand repeated soldering and disassembly without damaging the chip.

EAN: 0729388449170

Package Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches

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