Teyleten Robot DC 5V-36V 15A Max 30A 400W Dual High-Power MOSFET Trigger Switch Drive Module 0-20KHz PWM Adjustment Electronic Switch Control Board DC Motor Speed Controller for Arduino 5pcs


Brand: Teyleten Robot


  • 1. Using dual MOS parallel active output, lower internal resistance, larger current, strong power, 15A, 400W at room temperature, which meets the use of most equipment
  • Wide voltage, support PWM
  • Easily realize the control of high-power equipment

Binding: Electronics

Part Number: D97

Details: High power MOS tube FET Trigger switch drive module PWM regulation electronic switch control board Module highlights: 1. It adopts imported dual MOS parallel active output, with lower internal resistance, large current and strong power. It is 15A and 400W at normal temperature, which satisfies the use of most equipments; 2. Wide voltage, support PWM; 3. Easily control the high-power equipment. Product parameters and applications: 1: Working voltage: DC 5V--36V; 2: Trigger signal source: digital high and low level (DC3.3V--20V), can be connected to single-chip IO port, PLC interface, DC power supply, etc., can be connected to PWM signal, signal frequency 0--20KHZ support. 3: Output capacity: DC DC 5V--36V, continuous current 15A at normal temperature, power 400W! The maximum current can reach 30A under auxiliary cooling conditions. 4: Application: The output can control high-power equipment, motor, bulb, LED strip, DC motor, micro pump, solenoid valve, etc. It can input PWM, control motor speed, brightness of lamp and so on. 5: Service life: unlimited switch; working temperature: -40-85 ° C; size: 1.34x0.7x0.5inch/3.4 x 1.7 x1.2cm(L*W*H) Package Included: 5PCS MOS FET Trigger Switch Drive Module

EAN: 8424514770037

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.9 x 0.6 inches

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