Watchdog Timer P8-WDT24/PLC-A1-5 - Brentek - PLC Logic, 1-5 Second Adjustable Timeout


Brand: Brentek


  • PLC System Fail-Safe / Loss of Control Detector
  • PLC 24V Sourcing Logic Input
  • Compact Octal Relay Socket Compatible (NOT included)
  • Made in USA - sold by Brentek Authorized Distributor
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty - see seller storefront for details

model number: P8-WDT24/PLC-A1-5

Part Number: P8-WDT24/PLC-A1-5

Details: Brentek P8-WDT24/PLC-A1-5 Watchdog Timers are designed to monitor control system integrity as a “System Watchdog” in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), SBC (Single-board Controller) and other OEM control applications. Watchdog Timer Modules monitor the control system’s activity by detecting on/off transitions of a control line. During normal operation, the watchdog’s internal timer is continually reset by control line activity (toggling) and its FORM C Dry Contact output remains energized. When control is lost (control line stops toggling), the timer times-out and de-energizes the output contact, indicating “Loss of Control”. If power is lost, the output also de-energizes – this is a Fail-SAFE feature. Loss of Control is caused by problems such as CPU latch-up, control system faults, wiring/cabling failure, unauthorized tampering, unanticipated software conditions, communications problems, or power failures. The system designer can use the watchdog timer's output contact to address Loss-of-Control by energizing an alarm, shutting down the system, or providing a reset signal to the CPU/controller. The P8-WDT24/PLC in this listing is an “A1-5” user-adjustable timeout of 1-5 seconds. Adjustment is accomplished by turning a small potentiometer screw. Other important features of this watchdog timer are: 24VDC operation, a FORM C (8 Amp / 2000 VA) SPDT Dry Contact output, and an internal input pull-down for direct connection of the watchdog's input to PLC 24V sourcing logic. The P8-WDT24/PLC Watchdog Timer's Low Profile packaging is a direct plug-in to industry standard 8-pin octal sockets, such as Brentek's DIN8 (NOT included) which can be either DIN rail or panel mounted. NOTES: This adjustable timeout version can provide a ready replacement for a fixed-timeout P8 watchdog timer. For further information, please see the Watchdog Timing Adjustment Procedure and the P8-WDT24/PLC Datasheet on

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.8 x 3.2 inches

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