Xiaoyztan 10 Pcs KSD9700 110 Celsius Bimetal Thermostat Normally Close NC Type Temprerature Control Switch Units for Houshold Applicances or Other Thermal Projects


Brand: Xiaoyztan


  • ❶PACKAGE - 10 x 110℃ Normally Closed Bimetal Thermostat.
  • ❷INTRODUCTION - KDS9700 is a thermal switch with a rectangle bimetal normally closed temperature sensor, widely used in home appliance and rsquo; use motor and electrical equipment, such as air Conditioner motor, transformer, thermal appliances, etc.
  • ❸PRINCIPLES - Normally, it is in free state and the contacts are closed when the electrical appliance is working in normal condition. When the temperature rises to the preset operating temperature, the bimetal sheet jumps, the transmission contacts act quickly, and the circuit is disconnected.
  • ❹FEATURES - Disconnection Temperature: 110℃ / 230°F; Rated Voltage: 250V; Current: 5A; Max Rated.DIMENSIONS - Cable Length: 65mm/ 2.6inches; Head Dimension: 20 x 8 x 3mm / 0.79 x 0.31 x 0.12 inch (L*W*T).
  • ❺NOTICE - We are gradually changing the product brand name to "Xiaoyztan", due to different shipment batches, you may receive our old brand labels. Please don't worry and just identify the seller "Brisky Top".

Part Number: H1809060088

Details: Specifications: Model.No: KSD9700 Material: Plastic, Bimetal Contact: NC(Normal Close) Rated Voltage: 250V Current: 5A Max Rated Disconnection Temperature: 110℃ Color: Silver Tone, Black Cable Length: 6.5cm/ 2.6" Head Dimension: 20x8x3mm / 0.79"x0.31"x0.12"(L*W*T) Weight: 36g Package Content: 10 x Temperature Control Switch Notice: 1. Please keep the cap firm with the installation surface of the controlled appliance when install. Please wipe conduction silicon grease to the sensing surface in order to insure effect of the temperature sensing.2. Never collapse or deform the plastic or metal shell during installation in order to avoid any influence to its performance.3. For products used in circuit at no more than 5A current, please choose the lead with cross-section surface of copper core falls within0.4-0.75mm for connection.4.This product is not suitable for heat in the air, only applies to contact heat! (available binding wire, iron wire, fixed or 704 silicone rubber for fixed)5. Metal shell case charged, work is not suitable for the water.6. When installation, the temperature control switch shall be clingy was charged with the installation of the equipment surface.

EAN: 0098841532323

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

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