Yeeco DC Motor Speed Controller DC 6V-90V 15A Brush DC Motor Controller Stepless 0.01-1000W 0-100% PWM Output Control, Variable Speed Control Generator with Reverse and Voltage Display


Brand: Yeeco


  • Yeeco DC motor controller,wide input voltage range: DC 6-90V, digital display the voltage; Stepless speed regulation, 0% -100% PWM output
  • Our DC motor speed controller ,Advanced material selection: adopt the imported IC chip and the large capacity filter capacitor; With the power supply reversed protection, overvoltage protection and 20A ceramic arc flash fuse, which is directly controlled by PLC voltage
  • This motor speed regulator,Flame-retardant metal shell: can effectively resistant high temperature and flame retardant, no deformation, use the metal spray paint, no rust; Adjustable knob: free to adjust the voltage in a convenient and simple way, 0-220V stepless adjustment
  • This dc motor speed controller,New connection terminal with fence type design: allowing the large current through without producing heat, the outside with safety cover protection; With the mounting hole design, which is easy to install
  • The PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Switch is with strong practicability and wide application: can control the rotational speed of the motor from the original 0%-100% to non-polar changing, high efficiency and small heat, which can stably apply to the industrial production

Binding: Kitchen

model number: BHBUKPPAZINH1705

Part Number: A1700100

Details: Specifications: Wide voltage range: DC 6-90V (cannot be connected to AC) Current range: Rated current 8A (Maximum current: 15A); Quiescent Current 0.005A (standby mode) Power range: 0.01-1000W PWM frequency: 16kHz Voltage regulation range: PWM output range is 0%-100% Fuse specification: 15A ceramic arc fast-melting fuse Polarity of motor: Do not need to divided into positive and negative when you connect the motor, you can adjust the order of the wires to change the direction Note: 1. The input of the DC motor speed regulator is DC input, cannot be connected to AC input. otherwise, the motor speed regulator will burn. 2. The positive and the negative of DC power supply cannot be reversed connected. otherwise, the motor speed regulator will be damaged. 3. Do not need to divided into positive and negative when you connect the motor, you can adjust the order of the wires to change the direction. 4. Adjust the potentiometer knob can change the duty ratio of the output of the motor speed regulator so that it can change the speed of the motor. 5. Different voltage input match the power range: DC6V≤60W; DC12V≤120W; DC24V≤240W; DC36V≤360W DC48V≤480W; DC60V≤600W; DC72V≤720W; DC90V≤900W Package Include: 1 X DC Motor Speed Controller

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.6 x 4.3 inches

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